How to Prevent Experiencing Compromised Identity

There are various reasons on why we need to perform thorough background check, which include verifying the past of an unknown person. Furthermore, the numbers of thefts who steal personal information continue to increase and this pressure us to do background checking. We believe that securing our private information is crucial to avoid experiencing any legal case without our knowledge.

Securing Private Information

One of the main reasons why we must safeguard our private data is that there are abusive people or criminal who steal information from other people to conceal their own selves. If we fail to prevent them from this wrongdoing, we may experience problem due to compromised identity. What do we mean by this? It simply means they steal our personal information to protect them from the authority. In most cases, the involved criminals may have lawsuit due to a murder case, robbery or sex offense.

If we also use our full name, birthday and home address when registering through social media networks or other public websites, this make us prone to online scammers or criminals. These people can easily stole our information through opening our accounts and use them illegally. Usually, they pretend us our close relatives when they shop, apply for jobs or other important matters to keep their criminal records effectively. To help us prevent this unwanted issue, we need to secure our details when we submit them online.

Importance of Background Check

When conduction thorough background checks and we lack knowledge to complete the process faster, we can always find and pay an expert to handle our needs. Remember that there are countless of web-based services today and we must choose the exact service provider who can help us protect our information and stop criminals from stealing them. Moreover, a professional service can help us determine fake information from mysterious people who might have criminal records before.

Aside from preventing a compromised identity, a complete background check can as well help us in verifying the accuracy of public documents. For instance, if we need to confirm a divorce record, this can help us determine if the spouse part ways legally already. This is very important to make sure we learn the exact reasons and the legitimate information of the involved couple. Remember, there are various jurisdictions when performing background checks and we need to understand them before we proceed.

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Sent text. Have no idea who this is but would love to never hear from this number again.


They hang up on me. I've tried calling the number back, it won't let me. Strange, probably a scam. Don't answer


This phone number is belong to someone else that resides in India, but the information here is US. Does this mean that US and India phone number structures are the same?

Jeff Englishsays:

This number is from a backpage escort solicitor who wont stop contacting my number


Why are those people are keep calling me


I want to report this phone number or findout who own it, is someone can help me please

Amy frasersays:

Total scam. They are thrieves trying to take out payday loans in your name. They have all your personal info including your ss#. DON'T ANSWER


Asking for donations to ISIS.


Asking for donations to ISIS.


Someone called my cell phone and did not leave a message.

Go AWAY!says:

Today I received a call from this number. My caller ID showed Private caller. I did not answer & will not for people who intentionally call me & mask/block their identities.

Joe Doesays:



Received call, sounded like robot calling, said they were from the county court in NY. I live in CA. Sounds like scammers


Sounded like a robot and said to either call them back or end up in county court. I think trying to intimidate someone is illegal!!!!


Left a voicemail. It's a real estate agency. Don't know how they have my number. Have never used any agency...

Hillary Clintonsays:

It was a call from Saudi Arabia looking for their money back


People from a call center in India pretending to be Windows support


claimed he was calling from Senior Care....asked for me by name...I told him he had the wrong number and hung up...this is not the first time they've called....I never heard of Senior Care....It's an insurance scam....


claimed he was calling from Senior Care....asked for me by name...I told him he had the wrong number and hung up...this is not the first time they've called....I never heard of Senior Care....It's an insurance scam....

David F Easthamsays:

I received a recorded message regarding a late payment on some credit card I don't have. I dialed 1 to speak with someone and they hung up. The msg. did not give the company name. Very Fishy!