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How to Prevent Experiencing Compromised Identity

There are various reasons on why we need to perform thorough background check, which include verifying the past of an unknown person. Furthermore, the numbers of thefts who steal personal information continue to increase and this pressure us to do background checking. We believe that securing our private information is crucial to avoid experiencing any legal case without our knowledge.

Securing Private Information

One of the main reasons why we must safeguard our private data is that there are abusive people or criminal who steal information from other people to conceal their own selves. If we fail to prevent them from this wrongdoing, we may experience problem due to compromised identity. What do we mean by this? It simply means they steal our personal information to protect them from the authority. In most cases, the involved criminals may have lawsuit due to a murder case, robbery or sex offense.

If we also use our full name, birthday and home address when registering through social media networks or other public websites, this make us prone to online scammers or criminals. These people can easily stole our information through opening our accounts and use them illegally. Usually, they pretend us our close relatives when they shop, apply for jobs or other important matters to keep their criminal records effectively. To help us prevent this unwanted issue, we need to secure our details when we submit them online.

Importance of Background Check

When conduction thorough background checks and we lack knowledge to complete the process faster, we can always find and pay an expert to handle our needs. Remember that there are countless of web-based services today and we must choose the exact service provider who can help us protect our information and stop criminals from stealing them. Moreover, a professional service can help us determine fake information from mysterious people who might have criminal records before.

Aside from preventing a compromised identity, a complete background check can as well help us in verifying the accuracy of public documents. For instance, if we need to confirm a divorce record, this can help us determine if the spouse part ways legally already. This is very important to make sure we learn the exact reasons and the legitimate information of the involved couple. Remember, there are various jurisdictions when performing background checks and we need to understand them before we proceed.

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A bullshit call about some MLM scam

Santa Clara residentsays:

called and did not leave a message. This seems like sales person or scammer behavior






Cold call about an all-inclusive resort package. Wants your credit card info to offer you a vacation package for $900. Might be a legit thing but I don't give my credit card info to cold callers.


I don't answer calls from telephone numbers I do not recognize.
If they were a reputable entity one would not have to search for their name or attempt to track their contact number.


Called left no message...





Fed UP with Scammerssays:

Claims to be a medical alert provider. Does not comply with do not call lists. Probably a scammer.


seems to be incorrect info. Not surprising.

melody msays:

scam artist


Unrecognized number. Didn't answer left no message.


I don't know who this number belongs to, and I don't care. It is blocked now.

ric wsays:

salesforce marketing


automatic message saying they're the marriot hotel


Block 1-952-835-0281! This number is attached to a credit account scam! They just want your credit card number!


they are fake computer support


It came up as a call from Islip NY on my phone a recording asking for a donation for the chief of police commission of New York City calling from a Long Island number very strange and weird sounding recording too


Called me, I said "Hello" and turned it off right away. This is spam.